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30 Years of Translation Services

Our services are provided promptly and reliably, in the way most appropriate to your needs—on paper, on diskette, by fax, by modem, by e-mail, in person, or over the telephone. Jobs that require expediting will be priced fairly to account for the additional coordination or priority your job requires. Contact us today and learn more about our exciting options.


TransXpert will translate whatever you need—catalogs and manuals, technical specifications, presentations, websites, advertising and marketing materials, employee communications, and legal documents. TransXpert also provides transcripts of audio and video material. Whether you need to translate a product label or the materials for a trade show, TransXpert is there to help you. We will work with you to define your needs, perform the translation, and prepare the translation in a finished form (i.e., a brochure, website, video, or more) if necessary. Costs vary by situation. Contact us today to learn more.

Translation is provided in more than 100 Asian, European, Latin American, and Middle Eastern languages. Translators are specialists in the subject matter being translated, and are native speakers of the target language. Many of our translators are ATA (American Translators Association) certified, and have passed rigorous tests developed by TransXpert. Additionally, all TransXpert translators use state-of-the-art equipment, have access to current dictionaries and other reference materials, and keep abreast of current changes and uses in their native language.


Interpreters are standing by worldwide. Whether you require a single person for a deposition or business negotiation, or a simultaneous interpreting team for an international conference, we can quickly and efficiently provide the services you need. Our state-of-the-art simultaneous equipment is available at reasonable rates. Consecutive-interpretation services can also be arranged. Costs may vary.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing capabilities are available in all languages using the latest in word processing, desktop publishing, and typesetting equipment. Electronic files can be prepared for your printer or your computer system—whether it is IBM or Macintosh based. High-resolution hard copies, output to film, and color separations are available. Estimates are provided on request.

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TransXpert-Supported IBM Applications

• WordPerfect
• MS Word
• PageMaker
• Excel
• CorelDraw
• Ventura Publisher
• QuarkXPress
• PowerPoint
• Illustrator

TransXpert-Supported Macintosh Applications

• MS Word
• QuarkXpress
• PageMaker
• Illustrator
• Excel
• PowerPoint

Editing and Proofing

Our editing and proofreading services are conducted at levels appropriate to the project. For some, quality control involves editing and proofreading by one or more additional translators. Where fidelity to the original text must be doubly assured, a qualified translator will "back-translate" to the original language from the translated document. Our coordinators will work with you to determine if your project requires additional certification, authentication, or proofreading.


Come to us for translation and more related to AV applications. These services include translation and script timing, talent, language monitors, and arranging studio facilities for your production.

Language Services for the Legal Profession

We provide a full range of services to support legal proceedings. For example, for pre-trial/discovery, we suggest using one of our native-speaking interpreters to identify the contents of documents and select those that require translations with your legal team. This can significantly reduce the time and translation costs associated with pre-trial and discovery phases.