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Cost-Effective Translation & More

TransXpert prides itself on providing translations and interpretations that flow as naturally as if they were the original. Our team of experienced translators will help you leverage technology and processes to communicate effectively across all world languages and cultures.

Fields of Expertise

• Manufacturing & Technical Documentation
• Legal
• Patents
• Business & Finance
• Medicine, Biology, & Pharmaceuticals
• Website Development
• Software Localization

Communications Media

• Documents
• Marketing & Advertising
• Websites & CDs
• Videos
• Trade Shows

Production Support

• Desktop Publishing in All Languages
• Electronic Files that Meet Your Hardware & Software Requirements
• Professional Voice-Over Talent as Required
• Required Studio & Equipment
• Finished Audio/Video Tapes with Synchronized Audio & Video

Content Management Solutions

• Needs Assessments for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions
• Analyzing Documents and/or Content Workflows for Automation (Including Automation of Workflow for Multi-Lingual Content Management)
• ECM Vendor Selection, Product Installation, Configuration, & Rollout
• Technical Services for ECM System Integration with Your Internal Systems

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Multi-Lingual E-Learning Solutions

• Custom Workplace Simulations for Corporate Learning • Richly Interactive, Highly Realistic Learning Experiences • Custom E-Learning Courses for Employees in Many Languages

About E-Learning

E-learning is a highly effective method of delivering instructional content electronically via intranet, internet, LAN, or CD-ROM. Simply put, e-learning enables organizations to bring learning directly to the learner, instead of bringing the learner to the classroom.

We're pleased to announce that TransXpert has teamed up with NogginLabs, a custom corporate e-learning software development company. We have long been committed to listening to the needs of their customers, and this partnership will enable us to fulfill your training requirements and deliver them to global audiences.

• Globalized Web Sites
• Multi-Lingual Content and Localized Graphics
• Attention to Regional, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, & Color Subtleties • Consistent Look and Feel Across All Sites