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Alliance Programs

The TransXpert Alliance Program provides software vendors, system integrators, as well as technical and other service providers with tools and resources to jointly develop, market, sell, and deliver globalized solutions to customers. We specialize in language, documentation, and media translation, as well as annotation services. Our partnerships with industry-leading software, technology, and services enable TransXpert to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions that complement our globalization solutions.

Channel Alliances

TransXpert Channel Alliance Partners provide our customers with value-added services that complement or enhance TransXpert globalization offerings. This includes industry expertise, business processes, or strategic business consulting services with a regional or market focus.

Technology Alliances

TransXpert Technology Alliance Partners offer products that require or would benefit from the use of TransXpert globalization services and solutions. Customers benefit from the globalized feature of the product or products delivered. These products include Enterprise Content Systems, E-Learning and Learning Management Systems, Workflow and collaboration systems, plus other off-the-shelf software tools and applications. Typically, these partners will also work with TransXpert for joint marketing and sales opportunity as well as for solutions delivery.

Alliance Partners
• NogginLabs
• Specs Enterprise Communications Management